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Colorado Math Pathways

The Task Force is composed of mathematics faculty leaders from across 2- and 4-year institutions, is facilitated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, and receives technical assistance from the Charles A. Dana Center at UT Austin and Complete College America.   A primary concern driving the task force’s work is that college freshmen and dually-enrolled high school students are often advised into college algebra by default even though it may not be appropriate math preparation for the degree program the student will eventually choose.  The Colorado Math Pathways Task Force’s overall goal is to:

Develop expectations and processes that result in each institution of higher education in Colorado offering pathways in mathematics that yield (1) increased success for students in the study of mathematics; (2) a higher proportion of students completing in a timely manner the appropriate gateway math course(s) for their intended degree program; and (3) effective transferability of credits for students moving from one institution to another.

Final Report & Recommendations

Click here for the Colorado Math Pathways Task Force’s Final Report & Recommendations (November 4, 2015)

Meetings and Resources

March 28, 2016 Conference with Uri Treisman

For more information please contact the Division of Academic Affairs at the Colorado Department of Higher Education at 303-862-3001