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Strategic Plan

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On Feb. 2, 2023, the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and Colorado Department of Higher Education released a statewide plan focused on advancing the economic mobility of Colorado's learners and earners by aligning postsecondary talent development with industry and statewide needs.

Building Skills in an Evolving Economy sets a bold vision to increase the number of learners not being served by our postsecondary ecosystem by offering those students a path forward. The plan priorities educational pathways that are economically viable –those that lower costs for students, invest in proven learner support programs and increase collaboration with employers.

View Building Skills in an Evolving Economy (PDF)

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Materials and Resources

Communications Toolkit - 2023 Strategic Plan: Building Skills for an Evolving Economy


News Coverage

(Feb. 3, 2023) Chalkbeat Colorado In new strategic plan, Colorado wants residents to find the value in higher education

(Feb. 3, 2023) CPR News Colorado wants more high school graduates to go on to get degrees or certificates. A new plan calls on colleges to embrace untraditional ideas

(Feb. 8, 2023) Inside Higher Ed Making Sure a Degree is Worth More Than a Diploma



Planning Resources 

March 17 Learning Session Pre-Read Materials (opens in a new tab)

Strategic Plan Overview & Timeline (opens in a new tab)

Update for March Institutions Group Meetings (opens in a new tab)

VIDEO - Learning Session on Postsecondary Outcomes - March 17 (opens in a new tab)

2022 Profiles and Strategic Plans for Colleges & Universities in Colorado (opens in a new tab)

Strategic Plan Update - Updated May 2022 (opens in a new tab)

Strategic Plan Update- Updated September 2022 (opens in a new tab)

Strategic Plan Working Group


Dr. Angie Paccione
Dr. Ben Boggs
Dr. Kim Poast
Dr. Chris Rasmussen
Michael Vente
CCHE Vice Chair Sarah Hughes
CCHE Commissioner Berrick Abramson
CCHE Commissioner Josh Scott
CCHE Commissioner Eric Tucker
CCHE Commissioner Jim Wilson
Consultant Inta Morris


The working group intends to rely on trusted partners and allies to help seek, gather, and organize feedback from their counterparts. Below we outline a few of those key Stakeholder Leads already identified. Individual working group members will also continue to seek and welcome feedback directly.

Stakeholders:Designated Contacts:
IHE Presidents:Dr. Andy Feinstein, University of Northern Colorado
Governing Boards:Elaine Berman, Colorado Trustee Network
IHE CFOs:Brad Baca, Western Colorado University and CCHE Advisory member
IHE Faculty:Dr. Melinda Piket-May, CU Boulder and CCHE Faculty Advisor
IHE Academic Counsel:Dr. Chris Rasmussen, CDHE Senior Director of Academic Pathways and Innovation
Diversity & Equity:Dr. Roberto Montoya, CDHE Chief Educational Equity Officer
Student Voice:Daniel Casillas, CCHE Student Advisor
People with Disabilities:Carl Einhaus, CDHE Senior Director of Student Success and P20 Alignment
COSI:Tim Fry, COSI Board Chair
Business and Corporate:Scott Laband, Colorado Succeeds and Debbie Brown, Colorado Business Roundtable
Workforce:Lee Wheeler-Berliner, Colorado Workforce Development Council
K-12:Rebecca Holmes, CEI and Jen Walmer, DFER
Elected Officials:Sarah Hughes and Jim Wilson, CCHE Commissioners
Public Engagement Opportunities


For More Information 

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