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College Invest We Help You Get There

CollegeInvest provides a variety of savings options that meet the needs of Colorado families, regardless of saving and investment preferences. CollegeInvest provides expert information, simple financial planning tools, and tax advantaged 529 college savings plans to help Coloradans achieve their higher education goals.

We currently provide four different savings plans to meet the varying needs of Colorado families.

  • Direct Portfolio and Scholars Choice (advisor only) are professionally managed and offer various investment options ranging from Aggressive to Conservative choices.
  • Smart Choice offers FDIC-insured savings options through FirstBank, Colorado’s largest independent bank.
  • And Stable Value Plus offers a guaranteed annual rate of return.

The low cost of entry, flexible and unique plans with multiple investment options, and varied contribution levels make 529s one of the best – and easiest – ways to save for college.

Our Matching Grant and 529 Scholarship Programs are designed specifically to help qualifying middle to lower income families save for higher education.

We are a not-for-profit division within the Colorado Department of Higher Education, here to help everyone who wants to get a college education achieve that goal and to help make saving for college just a little easier. The Colorado Department of Higher Education (DHE) has oversight and management responsibilities over the division.

In addition, there is an Advisory Board of Directors appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate.

CollegeInvest is a self-supporting state enterprise and does not receive taxpayer funding.

Some investment returns are not guaranteed, and you could lose money by investing.

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