ECE Educator Stipends

The ECE Educator Stipends program is geared for individuals who are not already qualified to teach in ECE programs in the state of Colorado. If you are already a lead teacher, please contact the ECE department at the college/university you are interested in attending and ask for guidance on the best classes to take to achieve your ECE professional goals. There may be scholarship funds available through the school for students who have declared ECE certificate or degree paths.

ECE 1011/1031 Stipend Fact Sheet

ECE 1011/1031 Stipend Fact Sheet - Spanish


Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) send their rosters of qualifying students (with in-state tuition status) after census to CDHE and CDHE sends payment directly to the IHE. Then the IHE credits the student accounts.

Individuals who don’t qualify for in-state tuition but who work in a Colorado early childhood program can submit an appeal to receive funds up to the cost of in-state tuition. Please complete THIS FORM to submit your appeal within 6 weeks of the last day to drop the course at your institution. *For students on immigrant/refugee visas, please contact CDHE for more information


Contact your school's financial aid office for more information and to find out if you qualify.

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