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Private Accredited

“Authorization” means the authorization granted to a private college or university or seminary or religious training institution by the commission as provided in this article and the policies adopted pursuant to this article. Authorization is not an endorsement of the institution by either the commission or the department.

Authorization types:

  • Full Authorization - An institution which is institutionally accredited by a U.S. Department of Education recognized accrediting agency with an on-site review of its Colorado location(s); or
  • Provisional Authorization - Institutions, new or new to Colorado, which have been evaluated by Department staff under CCHE procedures and authorized by the Commission to enroll students, offer instruction, graduates students, and award degrees under the condition that the institution is continuously seeking and is making satisfactory progress toward accreditation; or
  • Probationary Authorization -An institution with an adverse action by its accrediting agency and/or by another governmental agency, or whose accrediting agency loses its U.S. Department of Education recognition, or is otherwise found to be out of compliance with this policy may be recommended for probation by the Department, and, if imposed by the Commission, shall remain on probation until such time the adverse action is lifted by the accrediting body or a governmental agency, or until the institution achieves accreditation by a U.S. Department of Education recognized accrediting agency, verified by the Department, and acted on by the Commission; such action to include extending probation, modifying probation, revoking authorization, or other action as it deems necessary; or
  • Religious Authorization- A bona fide religious postsecondary educational institution, offering only programs which are religious in nature, which is exempt from property taxation under the laws of this state and whose degrees or diplomas have no state recognition; or
  • Authorization for a Place of Business (with no instruction) - If an institution has a place of business within Colorado but offers no instruction in the state, the institution must receive a formal exemption by the Commission and must annually renew, from the effective date of the previous exemption. The institution shall be subject to the deceptive trade practices provision as found in §23-2-104, C.R.S. Such an institution may be exempted from administrative procedures regarding accreditation and financial integrity. Closed or Defunct means institutions that either have voluntarily closed, have been de-authorized by the state, or otherwise cease to exist.