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The Path4Ward Program, established by SB21-106, allows students from low-income households who graduate early to receive funding for postsecondary education or training programs during what would have been their fourth year of high school. Postsecondary programs may be college enrollment or approved workplace learning programs like internships and apprenticeships. You can find local registered workplace learning programs at MyColoradoJourney.

The Pilot Program will last for five years and will be comprised of five schools or groups of schools from a mix of urban, suburban, and rural institutions. Participating schools will receive 25% of the average state share of per-pupil revenue for each participating student, and are encouraged to apply these funds to counseling and support activities for potential and participating early graduates. Schools will also report participation and demographic data to CDHE.

Participating students will receive funds depending on the semester of their graduation. 3-year graduates will receive a one-time scholarship of $4,113.38, while 3.5-year graduates will receive a scholarship amount of $2,468.03. Student funds will first be used to pay tuition, fees, or other expenses within the institution. Unspent funds may then be used by the student for other qualifying expenditures, including textbooks, equipment, or transportation.


Program Fact Sheet

Program Participants

The Commission on Higher Education selected the five pilot program participants at their March 4 Meeting. We are excited to launch the program with these partners:


You may read more here:

Official News Release

Path4Ward Partners

CDHE is proud to be partnering with Colorado Succeeds and Whiteboard Advisors on the Path4Ward Program, a support project for applicants and pilot program participants. The Path4Ward Program will support schools in applying to the program, and will provide ongoing technical assistance to the selected pilot program participants. They will also provide coaching support and information to participating students who wish to opt-in to the Path4Ward Program. 

If you are interested in receiving application and/or technical assistance through the Path4Ward Program, please contact Madison Knapp at


The Path4Ward Program (launched as the Early Graduate Innovation Program) has announced a second application period for one additional program participant. The application period is currently closed.

Path4Ward Program Application

The Path4Ward Program provides scholarships to low income high school students who graduate early to pay for post-secondary education and training programs, including college and workplace learning programs like internships or apprenticeships. One additional district or group of districts will be selected from the applicant pool by the Commission on Higher Education on Thursday, December 1

The application is online and consists of a short narrative section and preliminary data request. A recording of our first instructional webinar is available here.

You may access application materials, including required attachments and the scoring rubric, below:

Sample Application Scoring Rubric Data Template Budget Template

First Application Period

The first application period ran from January 11, 2022 to February 11, 2022. On March 4, 2022, the Commission on Higher Education selected five applicants to participate in the Program. The application period is now closed.


Please contact Jack Wolflink at if you have any questions.