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The Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative announces up to $7.5 million in funding for its Matching Student Scholarship Program

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DENVER, CO – Sept. 27, 2022: The Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI), a division of the Colorado Department of Higher Education, is now accepting applications for its 2022 – 2023 Matching Student Scholarship grant. Up to $7.5 million in funding is available and applicants must match funding at 1:1, creating up to $15 million in scholarships for Colorado residents. COSI estimates these funds could support more than 5,000 students over the next few years in obtaining a credential or degree.

“This program was created to reduce costs and maximize value for Colorado students. We challenge our partners to engage donors and draw down these funds to provide critical scholarships,” said Dr. Cynthia Armendariz, managing director of COSI.

COSI is currently accepting applications for the fall application period. Funding will be distributed in three ways—by county, institutions of higher education, and workforce grants.

  • $5.2 million is available for counties to provide funding for county residents at Colorado public institutions of higher education.
  • $1.5 million is available to Colorado public institutions of higher education for use at the institution.
  • $800,000 is available for workforce and industry—for these grants, the organization must focus on completion in specific high-need industries or for specific vulnerable populations at Colorado public institutions of higher education.

Fall applications must be submitted by Oct. 9, 2022. A second application period will open in spring 2023 for county and institution of higher education grants only. A full timeline and schedule can be found on the COSI website and in the request for proposal. Organizations interested in applying are encouraged to watch the 2022 – 2023 MSS informational video.

About the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative
The Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) was created to increase the attainment of postsecondary credentials and degrees for underserved students. The project addresses this challenge in two ways: accessibility and affordability. To increase accessibility, COSI funds programs that will help prepare students for postsecondary education, as well as support them through completion. To increase affordability, COSI provides matching funds for community scholarships.