ECE Educator Stipends/Scholarships/Loan Forgiveness

In partnership with the Office of Early Childhood within the Colorado Department of Human Services, the Colorado Department of Higher Education is collaborating with the Colorado Community College System and public institutions of higher education starting in 2021 to provide funding opportunities to aspiring and in-service Early Childhood Educators.

Priorities are based on feedback from over 2,300 child care providers, families, and other stakeholders, as well as ongoing data collection on needs during the pandemic. The strategies focus on strengthening and expanding the early childhood sector in Colorado, to ensure all children have access to high quality child care.



The ECE Educator Stipends program is geared for individuals who are not already qualified to teach in ECE programs in the state of Colorado.

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The ECE Educator Scholarships are for ECE students to pursue dedicated coursework, certificates & degrees up to a master's.

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Loan Forgiveness

The ECE Educator Loan Forgiveness program is a two-year program for ECE Educators to receive loan forgiveness. Applicants may receive up to $5,000 in Federal Loan Forgiveness annually.

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