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K-12 Educator Stipends & Resources

Student Educator/Counselor Stipend Program

The student educator stipend program awards money to an eligible student to compensate them for their clinical experience in an academic residency position. Candidates placed in a 16-week academic residency may receive a stipend of up to $11,000, and those in a 32-week academic residency may receive a stipend of up to $22,000. Learn more on our Educator Funding Opportunities page.

Student Educator Test Stipend Program

The educator test stipend program awards stipend money to approved preparation programs to reduce financial barriers for eligible students preparing for the assessment(s) of professional competencies required for licensure. Learn more on our Educator Funding Opportunities page.

Colorado Educators & Alternative Licensure Candidates Serving Rural Districts - Stipends

CDHE and the Colorado Center for Rural Education encourage talented educators and alternative licensure candidates to apply for the following stipends. For more information on each program, visit the Colorado Center for Rural Education or contact Robert Fulton, state coordinator for the Colorado Center for Rural Education.

Stipends for teachers pursuing concurrent enrollment qualifications: 

Current K-12 teachers in rural districts who would like to become qualified to teach Concurrent Enrollment classes may apply for a stipend for up to $6,000. This money can be used to offset tuition and fees for programs offered by one of Colorado’s institutions of higher education. Read the fact sheet.

For students teaching in rural schools: 

Student teachers who are enrolled in a Colorado teacher preparation program and complete their final student teaching in a rural school are eligible for the Colorado Rural Teaching Stipend stipend up to $4000. They must commit to working in the rural school/district for three years upon completion of their preparation program. Learn more.

Individuals interested in teaching in a rural or small rural school district:

Those who enroll in an alternative licensure program may apply for the Rural Alternative Licensure Stipend (RALS). Offered by the Colorado Center for Rural Education, this stipend provides recipients with up to $6,000 to pay for a variety of alternative licensure program-related expenses (e.g., Alternative Licensure program-, PRAXIS-, Alternative License-, Initial License-, technology- and travel-related costs). Learn more.