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Teaching and Learning


Inclusive Teaching and Learning

Drawing from evidence-based best practices, we have organized resources into three categories: Engaging in Ongoing Self-Inquiry, Creating and Maintaining a Culturally Relevant Classroom Community, and Designing and Implementing an Inclusive Course.


Self Inquiry

Engaging in Ongoing Self-Inquiry

The resources in this section include guidance for reflecting on how educators’ individual backgrounds and experiences can affect their teaching attitudes, assumptions and behaviors.

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Course Design

Culturally Responsive Teaching & Learning Strategies and Techniques

This section shares perspectives and frameworks for designing and implementing an inclusive course, including guidelines for developing equity-oriented, culturally relevant syllabi.

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Creating Community

Creating and Maintaining a Culturally Relevant Classroom Community

This section offers techniques for how to develop classrooms that value and respect multiple perspectives and varied experiences, with an emphasis on being more inclusive of racially minoritized students.

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