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Strategic Plan Dashboard

In partnership with the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE), the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) has set an ambitious goal in its new Strategic Plan to increase the number of Coloradans benefiting from valuable career skills, obtained while in high school or via postsecondary education, that –at a minimum– enable additional lifetime earnings greater than the cost of attendance. The Commission and Department also continue to develop a more robust statewide data system as supported by House Bill 22-1349. The data system will facilitate more disaggregation of learner outcomes by African American or Black, Hispanic, and American Indian or Alaska Native, and other racial/ethnic groups; Pell- eligible learners and other income groups; first-generation postsecondary learners; learners in rural and remote regions; and other groups.

While that data system is being developed and new measures of student postsecondary and workforce success are set, CDHE is required to report on various measures outlined in the previous Strategic Plan (pursuant to CRS 23-1-108 (1.5)(f)). This process also requires CDHE engagement with all governing boards to set goals in future years for annual credential completion for all undergraduate students, credential completion for African American or Black, Hispanic, and American Indian or Alaska Native and Pell undergraduate students, and overall retention rates.

This dashboard is designed to meet reporting requirements, support governing boards in setting goals and provide data in a publicly accessible way. This dashboard will be enhanced as data systems are developed, new measures are set, and updates to statute are made.