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Academic Council

Group meets the second Tuesday of every month. Please contact Dr. Kim Poast with questions.


Last updated 02/13/2024

NameIHETitleBusiness PhoneEmail
Doell, MargaretASUVice President for Academic 
Eggert, KatherineCU BoulderSenior Vice Provost for Academic Planning and
Fleming, KirstenUNCProvost and Executive Vice President for Academic
Greer, KristineFLCAssociate Provost, Academic  
Hendricks, CherCMUVice President for Academic
Hentschell, RozeCSU-SYSChief Academic
Herring, AndrewCSMVice Provost of Strategic
Lightner, MichaelCU-SYSVP for Academic
Mackin, GailCSU-PProvost & Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs 
Marchand-Martella, NancyUCCSProvost & Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic
Nakuma, ConstancioCU DenverProvost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student
Niesen de Abruna, LauraMSU DenverProvost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Oehler, DavidAimsVice President of Academic 
Pirius, LandonCCCSVice Chancellor for Academic and Student
Regjo, KathrynCMCVice President of Academic Affairs
Spicer, AudraCSU-GInterim Provost
Underwood, MarionCSUProvost and Executive Vice President
Van Doren, LindaEGTCChief Academic
Woulfe, RebeccaCCCS (FRCC)Vice President for Academic Affairs and Online
2024 Meetings

Meets the second Tuesday of every month, from 1:00-3:00 pm, with noted exceptions. Scheduled posted 12/21/2023.

All meetings are scheduled to meet remotely, via Zoom.

January 9AgendaNotes

Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 890 7499 3864 

Passcode: 057151

February 13AgendaNotes

Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 828 4960 9531 

Passcode: 304448

March 12AgendaNotes 
April 9AgendaNotes 
May 14AgendaNotes 
June 11AgendaNotes 
July 9AgendaNotes 
August 13AgendaNotes 
September 10AgendaNotes 
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December 10AgendaNotes