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Postsecondary Program

Community Partner Program Grants (CPP Grants)

CPP Grants are designed to increase the availability and accessibility of pre-collegiate and postsecondary student support services throughout the state. The multi-year grants are distributed to nonprofit organizations, state entities and community partnerships that provide student supports to improve and enhance local community-based service networks across the state and improve enrollment and retention in public postsecondary institutions. through proactive advising, wraparound support, and other support services.

2020 Awards

The following postsecondary grantees will provide college-going support to multiple high schools and students over a four-year grant term (2020-2024).

  • Adams State University Foundation $160,000
  • Colorado Mesa University Foundation $600,000
  • Colorado Mountain College Foundation $300,000
  • Colorado Northwestern Community College Foundation $160,000
  • Colorado State University Ft. Collins $600,000
  • Colorado State University Pueblo $300,000
  • Community College of Aurora $300,000
  • Denver Scholarship Foundation (MSUD, CUD, CCD) $1,895,000
  • Front Range Community College $400,000
  • Lamar Community College Foundation $200,000
  • Morgan Community College Foundation $160,000
  • Northeastern Junior College $160,000
  • Pikes Peak Community College Foundation $684,000
  • Pueblo Community College $400,000
  • Red Rocks Community College Foundation $300,000
  • University of Colorado Boulder $300,000
  • University of Colorado Foundation-UCCS $230,000
  • University of Northern Colorado Foundation $400,000

Find resources and support for your program on our google drive including:

  • 2022 - 2023 Calendar of Events
  • COSI CPP Postsecondary Resource Guide

CPP Postsecondary Resources

Annual Reporting

Grantees must submit a performance report to CDHE following COSI’s reporting schedule as outlined here:

  • August 1, 2021 - to include all terms between summer 2020 to spring 2021
  • August 1, 2022 - to include all terms between summer 2021 to spring 2022
  • August 1, 2023 - to include all terms between summer 2022 to spring 2023
  • August 1, 2024 - to include all terms between summer 2023 to spring 2024

COSI's evaluation plan, analysis and results are only possible with the complete and timely submission of data and reports from grantees. It is important that grantees utilize the templates, submit reports and data requests in a timely manner, and ask for support when needed. Click on the Annual Reporting link below to access reporting instructions and templates.

The reporting portal will open May 1st, 2023. Annual reporting templates will be available by April 1st.

Annual Reporting

The COSI team will offer a reporting support sessions. 

Reporting Support Session: Time & Date Details
Monday, July 10th, 2023: 1:30 p.m. Zoom link
Wednesday, July 26th, 2023: 1:30 p.m. Zoom link

The schedule is listed below and check out the COSI Calendar for a full list of all program events. 

COSI Point of Contact
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